Glitter Phone Wrap

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  • Wraps are PROTECTIVE STICKER for your phone, NOT A CASE.
  • Made of high quality durable chrome material
  • Easy to apply and remove without leaving any sticky residue


  1. Clean your phone with the micro cloth that is provided to ensure a smooth application.
  2. Peel the decal slowly, and as you start to peel back - all of the cut-outs will start to appear. (If they don't, please hold the decal up to the light and you will see where to pop out the cut-outs yourself)
  3. Align the of the decal to your phone and slowly push the decal over the back of the phone making sure to press out any air bubbles
  4. Once the decal is spread across the back, fold both edges remove the strips for the front.
  5. Apply a little heat (hair dryer) while pressing and holding down the edges for a few minutes the decal will stick better